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Our Establishment
GMB.in was born in March 2005 from Gita Murti Bhandar (Ahmedabad, India). The parent company first began operating in 1970s from its origins and was among the very first business organizations of its kind in Gujarat. Gita Murti Bhandar is an established and respected name within India. Gita Murti Bhandar has built upon this solid foundation to offer the highest possible level of products and satisfaction to our invaluable people located in India as well as outside India.

What We Do
With a team of talented and dedicated staff and a burgeoning list of ideas and projects to be implemented, GMB.in are set to revolutionize the way such trade is done the world over. At GMB.in, we bring you a vast collection of the most exquisite god statues carved out of holy marble. We skilfully pour the life in the marble stone to create our own gods and goddesses.

Our Assets
Our assets are our highly skilled craftsmen who are expert in translating buyer's designs and hardworking enough to execute the orders with highest quality and within prescribed time duration. Further, our customers who have trusted us and given us an opportunity to expand our self beyond physical boundaries are the core assets.

Our Objective
We, at GMB.in, are bind by the virtues of our culture and based on the principle of expanding our culture beyond physical boundaries by supporting our religious developments across the globe. GMB.in has set its eyes on becoming, not a leading firm, but the numero uno in the marble sculpture field. The right blend of the professional experience of Mr Babu Ramesh Sharma (over 40 years of experience) and the educational knowledge of Mr Dharmendra Sharma, will lead the journey that has already began to the new heights of success and achievements.

The spearhead of the department, Mr Dharmendra Sharma who has done his MBA from Manchester with specialization in International Marketing and Post Graduation in Investment Analysis, is the one under whose efforts and skills, we have drawn many international organisations and individuals to our list of clientele. We are manufacture and exporter of religious statue, ganesh statue, ganesha statue, god statues, religious statue, marble statues, krishna statue, marble muti, religious statue, marble statues online. world best religious statue, religious-statue, religious marble statue at discounted rate, low cost religious statue, murti.
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We are manufacture, exporter, supplier of god statue, god murti for USA, UK, Australia, Canada, India, Gujarat, Ahmedabad.
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